Manage your warehouse in one single place

Scale operations and increase turnover with a nimble, integrated, cloud-based warehouse management system.

30% increase in turnover by automating processes and real-time inventory management

Optimized logistics

Faster deliveries

Accurate inventory

70% less returns

Why is Planograma good for you?​​


Start your digital transformation with Planograma


Get limitless scalability. Give access to every employee in an instant. Easy integrate with third party companies.

Works on any device

Manage your warehouse on the go. Access all features on any device. Visualize real time information.

One dashboard, many tools

Use Planograma with all the other online business applications you use on the daily basis.


Send your worksheets by email. Keep a digital track record of all your papers. Reduce waste and supplies.

Key functionalities you need for your digital transformation

Warehouse management software

100% accuracy without human errors. Automate workflows. Sync data across departments.

Integrated features:

Inventory control. Production & manufacturing. Order management. Cloud technology.
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Inventory control software

87% decrease in inventory losses. Real time space optimization. Track all your products at a glance.

Integrated features:

Space planning. Inventory check. Replenishment. Lot/Batch and expiry.
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Stockroom management

Simplify stock room management. Stay in the loop 24/7. Get 90% more customer satisfaction.

Integrated features:

Inventory check. Stock rotation/sortation. Serial number tracking. Barcode or RFID scanning.
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Retail inventory management software

Make, manage & move products faster. Get 30% increase in turnover. 87% decrease in inventory losses.

Integrated features:

Product management. Space planning. Inventory check. Cycle counting. Replenishment.
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Production & manufacturing software

Improve efficiency & reduce costs. Intuitive and visual process overview. Adjust logistic processes in real time.

Integrated features:

Assemblies. Disassemblies. Bulk Break. Kitting & Bundling.
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Sales order management

5x increase in order processing. Process orders end-to-end. Track multiple channels.

Integrated features:

Order management system. Picking. Packing. Shipping/Stock out.
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Purchasing management software

Track and automate tasks. Increase by 10x your order processing. Simplify supplier management.

Integrated features:

Purchase orders. Supplier management. Receiving/Stock in. Put away.
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Inventory reporting software

Make data-driven decisions. Use BI reports to 10x sales. Stay on track with alerts & reports.

Integrated features:

Inventory reporting. Sales insights. Production analytics. Packaging reporting.
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Mix and match each of the above software to fit your business case and work processes

Every industry has its own challenges and workflows. Planograma is customizable so you can have the warehouse management software that will help your team work efficiently and save time from day one.

e commerce planograma


Transform your customers' journey, from purchase to delivery, allowing them to shop anytime, anywhere. Keep your customers' satisfaction high with real-time stock visibility and achieve unprecedented productivity
through automated selling management.

logistics planograma


Increase revenue by tracking all your logistics and stocking costs. Handle a wide variety of products and suppliers from the same dashboard. Prioritize and organize delivery points and keep a track record on each supply-chain and stock movement.

distribution planograma


Handle more clients, with complex requests to meet demand and remain competitive. Adapt your route to real-time changes and move faster between locations. Customize your WMS solution and increase revenue on each project.

retail planograma


Gain competitive advantages by coordinating stocks with sales offers in real-time. Increase your revenue by sorting and working with the suppliers that fit your needs. Keep your customers satisfaction high by offering real-time stock visibility.

manufacturing planograma


Manage and oversee your stocks based on stage, product type, and usage. Label products and stocks, including different measurement units. Lot/Batch and expiry tracking. Allocate and reserve stocks based on production progress.


Gain total traceability for each ingredient and product assured with secure documentation – and sophisticated serial number and batch / lot tracking functionality. Features such as expiry date tracking secure that the medicine is used at the right time, thereby saving operational costs.

Integrate the tools you use daily to accelerate the digital transformation process

Planograma allows you to access all your tools from one dashboard by integrating with the industry’s most used platforms. If you don’t find the tool you need in this list, reach out to us and we’ll answer your  integration request in 48 hours. 

Implement our WMS solution in four simple steps

Step 1

Analysis and assessment

Step 2

Configuration and customization

Step 3

Integration, migration,

Step 4

Acceptance testing
and GoLive

Upgrade from worksheets to a warehouse management solution and achieve 90% increase in customer satisfaction.

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