Stockroom Management

Optimise warehouse flows, solve previously unsolvable space usage problems with AI-driven mapping for 90% increase in customer satisfaction.

Inventory check

Accurately track all your products, incoming and outgoing, for a more informed overview of your inventory. Know exactly where all your inventory is across the supply chain, at every step along the way. See all your units on hand, plus total costs, retail value and total profit value for your inventory check.


Reduce costs and prevent loss from stock spoilage with automated replenishment notifications. Optimize fulfillment of orders by knowing exactly when & where you need new materials. Get real-time information to help you easily adjust stock inventory and make automated purchase orders.

Stock rotation/sortation

Easily increase and decrease stocks levels, sort and rotate new products, returns, damages, etc. Maximize inventory return on investment with a clearer view on all product lists and requirements. Always know when to reorder, how much to order, where to store & sort your stock.

Lot/Batch and expiry tracking

Better return on investment with automated tracking and AI-driven optimizations that notify you when products approach expiry dates. Get up-to-the-minute notifications whenever new stock needs to be purchased. Gain visibility and accurate insights into your inventory for a more profitable management of stock.

Serial number tracking

Easily check all stock batches and track every single product in your warehouse. Never lose sight of all information for each product in your inventory. Full overview of supplier name, number of purchase orders, incoming and outgoing stock with serial number tracking.

Stock transfer

Maximize transferring productivity with automated shipment tracking, real time inventory updates, and reduce duplicate ordering. Gain speed and accuracy within your supply chain process to provide improved experiences for your customers with quicker stock transfer options. Optimize business turnover by reducing cross-company safety stock storage and inventory carrying costs.

Barcode or RFID scanning

Gain real-time overview in locating, retrieving, and accounting for anything that moves in or out of the warehouse of your business. Eliminate all the errors that inevitably occur when data is entered manually in your books. Increase inventory visibility and gain stronger insight into the materials that come in and out with Planograma’s scanning solutions.

Based on your business type you can add or integrate with any other Planograma features:

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