Retail Inventory Management Software

Save time and money with AI-driven retail inventory management for up to 60% decrease of revenue cycle. Boost productivity and become more agile with inventory, orders and stock information updated in real-time.

Centralized inventory

Manage inventory, orders, warehouses, accounting, fulfillment, shipping, purchasing, suppliers, POS and CRM all in one single dashboard. Reduce errors from manual tracking, and sync information across warehouses in multiple locations to improve your business’s efficiency.

Multi-warehouse operations

Gain perpetual control over your inventory and full visibility across multiple warehouses and locations. Accept all orders regardless of payment currency or channel origin and transfer stock between warehouses to fulfil customer satisfaction.

Manage financials centrally

Give up on spreadsheets and manage all your tasks and operations in Planograma. Allow or restrict data to your team members. Integrate all your third party tools to gain real-time overview into costs, sales and margins.

Cloud technology

Cloud-based platform to help you access all your data easily & safely, from anywhere in the world, on a browser or mobile device, through our dedicated apps. Respond quickly to changing demand and handle all transactions and get more accurate, scalable inventory views.

Friendly user interface

Allow multiple and remote warehouse teams to collaborate with separate login and interfaces. Scale your organization’s efficiency and help all your teams to work smarter by allowing them to access the same
up-to-date inventory information.

Precise Reporting

Detailed insights of every aspect of your business processes. All the data you need to make informed decisions that increase your business efficiency.

Easy Integration

Seamless integrations to help you keep your data consistent across all platforms with Planograma’s cloud-based technology. Smoothly run your business with all your solutions fully integrated.

Based on your business type you can add or integrate with any other Planograma features:

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