Production & Manufacturing

Automate your manufacturing supply chain & logistics processes to boost your productivity.


Improve business turnover by reducing labor and overhead costs for time-consuming assembly with Planograma’s Production Management Software. Optimize the movement of both raw materials and finished products, to execute your most complex assembly, sequencing, and just-in-time delivery challenges. Reduce risk of human error with hands-on tasks by automating your processes and organizing the tasks better. Easily check all locations for materials and virtually gather them all in one place for manufacturing processes. Adjust products components based on seasonal requirements, availability, or the requirement for substitutions for accurate batch process manufacturing.

Bill of Materials (BOM)

Decrease grunt work and risks of human error, while also saving time in all operations with Planograma’s Bill of Materials solution. Gain a full overview of partial assemblies that can easily be posted and the remainder can be kept in progress until ready to post. Create and manage BOM to never lose sight of your finished good’s complete list of materials and component parts for manufacturing, including additional costs for labor, shipping, storage, etc. Achieve business predictability through the use of documented, standardized, automated processes with the creation of bills of materials.

Lot Management Traceability

Accurately aggregate goods based on their lot and expiration date so perishable products, serialized goods, and highly regulated items will pose no problems. Supply chain visibility and full barcode and expiration date management powered by Planograma.


Full traceability of the finished product with automated assignation of lot id or serials numbers. Easily assign a batch to your completed manufactured product variant, with all BOM components tracked through Planograma.

Based on your business type you can add or integrate with any other Planograma features:

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