Purchasing Management

70% more efficient purchasing processes and supplier management with a Cloud-based purchasing software. Become 100% paperless and increase by 5x your order processing.

Purchase Orders

Automate your purchasing workflow. Easily send targeted quotation requests to your suppliers depending on your stock levels, logistic rules, sales or manufacturing forecasts. Manage and keep track of the status of your in & out orders and of their expected delivery date. Establish and implement specific replenishment methods for each product, based on your business strategies.

Supplier Management

Make informed decisions based on centralized data. One-stop access for all of your supplier details and product prices. Simple and transparent input for updated supplier information, by uploading spreadsheets and matching suppliers to your products, according to your books. Streamline your purchasing processes by keeping track of products availability in suppliers stocks.

Receiving/ Stock in

Seamlessly register, label and sort all incoming products. Automated quality control with easy product identification and sorting. Maintain full visibility by tracking all stock shipments and receipts from your suppliers or vendors. Synchronize the unloading of your ordered inventory based on supplier delivery timing or product type.

Put away

Simplify all storage activities for your business, with zero effort and no human error. Smarter put-away processes: digitally import all product, supplier and inventory lists and references based on pre-established rules. Optimize and use all your available warehouse space, thus saving time for more important processes of your business.

Based on your business type you can add or integrate with any other Planograma features:

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